Richard the Poorer’s Gluten Free Food 4 Thought

228 pages

Richard the Poorer’s Food 4 Thought is a smorgasbord of thought-provoking fare for cogitators of all stripes. For those cogitators who prefer snacky or hors-d’oeurvey kinds of fare, Richard the Poorer offers over 800 bite-sized morsels in the form of what Ben Franklin referred to as ‘moral sentences, prudent maxims, and wise sayings.’

These tidy tidbits fall into 56 categories ranging from Anger to Men & Women to Hope & Happiness to Work & Career.



A few examples:

  • Arrogance is like a suit of armor; it makes us perfectly invulnerable until such time we need to relieve ourselves.
  • Hope is the stirrup we use to climb into the saddle of each new day.
  • Some poems are written; others are lived.

For those cogitators who prefer a little heftier fare, Richard the Poorer offers over four dozen mini-essays on a wide range of topics, spanning from the role of courtship to the state of manhood in America to the obesity pandemic. These ‘Buns & Biscuits,’ as they are called, are mostly a page in length and are meant to be savored one or two at a sitting.

For those cogitators who prefer something heftier still, Richard the Poorer offers four meaty (extended) entrees. Rounding out Richard the Poorer’s unique fare are several exotic confectionaries, otherwise known as dessert.