Why Only Women Should Vote

Sorry, guys, you had your chance


As has become painfully evident, human males have been in charge of pretty much everything over the past 200 millennia and have pretty much made a mess of things. The underlying problem, given the consistency of this sad legacy, not to mention its enormity, would appear to be inherent to the Y chromosome, which, although puny in size relative to its Queen Bee counterpart, the X chromosome, would appear to be disproportionately predisposed toward wreaking havoc upon “the fish of the sea,…the fowl of the air, and…every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” What to do? Indeed, how much more havoc and mayhem can our stricken planet and its besieged species bear before all the chickens, having escaped from their factory cages, come home to roost? This talk offers a radical alternative to our longstanding male-dominated systems of governance.